Connected Cars: Customer Satisfaction and Safety

The explosion of mobile technology has made staying connected easier than ever. And as that technology continues to expand its reach, car manufacturers are working to meet consumer demands for connectivity inside the vehicle. Which features are important to consumers, and what impact will those features have on customer satisfaction and safety?

Below are some popular connectivity options now available in many new vehicles:

  • Vehicle-to-driver communication
  • Voice-activated controls/features
  • Internet-enabled navigation
  • Personal assistant service
  • Vehicle internet connectivity
  • Vehicle mobile applications

According to Nielsen research, approximately nine in 10 are satisfied with their drivable tech. And when it comes to shopping for a new car, the majority of consumers who plan to purchase a new car in the next two years say they’re very likely to purchase a connected car with built-in features. Most drivers of connected cars say it makes driving fun and feels “revolutionary”. Many also felt it improves safety on the road and makes them drive better.

While connectivity features can help in some cases with accident avoidance, they are not a replacement for safe driving and cannot guarantee your safety. In some cases, connectivity features can even create a distraction for the driver, increasing the risk of an accident. As always, it’s important to practice safe driving and only use connectivity features like internet and navigation while the vehicle is parked.

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Staying Connected Behind the Wheel

Technology puts Consumers in the Driver’s seat with Connected cars

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